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Goodman 3.0 Ton 18 SEER R-410a Two-Stage Air Conditioning System with Heat Pump

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Goodman 3.0 Ton 18 SEER R-410a Two-Stage Air Conditioning System with Heat Pump

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Goodman 3.0 Ton 18 SEER R-410a Two-Stage Air Conditioning System with Heat Pump


  • One DSZ18 series Goodman 18 SEER heat pump condenser (Model # DSZ18361A )
  • One AEPF (MBE2000 on 5 ton) series Goodman variable speed air handler (Model # AEPF313716+TXV )
  • One supplemental heating element up to 15 Kw
  • 2-stage compressor operation
  • One Thermal Expansion Valve
  • FREE Shipping ... Continental United States
  • FREE Installation Guides ... Provided with all equipment purchases

3 ton system can be used to satisfy 1.5 - 3.0 ton applications
4 ton system can be used to satisfy 3.5 - 4.0 ton applications
5 ton system can be used to satisfy 4.0 - 5.0 ton applications

Due to the use of the very latest technology, your installer needs to be trained in and fully understand the necessary procedures required for the startup and installation of this equipment. 4 ton system seer rating is 17.5 and 5 ton is 17.0.

Under the terms of all manufacturer's warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked, started up and signed-off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Failure to comply with this provision will void all factory warranties. Keep a copy of the installation ticket for your records. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that a permit is obtained (where required). Always conform with applicable local and state codes. Electrical connections should only be made by a licensed electrical contractor. Unqualified persons should never attempt installation of this or any HVAC system.

Heat Pump Technology

A heat pump is a central air conditioning and highly efficient heating system that will "extract†heat from the air in the wintertime for cost effective heating comfort in all but the most severe winter climates.

The system actually "reverse-cycles†in the heating mode and captures heat from outside and "pumps†it into your home.

Features, Features, and More Features

The newest DSZ series 18 seer ultra-efficient Goodman heat pump condensers represent the latest generation design, packed with high technology features -- Like the Copeland Scroll compressor, absolutely the smoothest, quietest, most durable compressor ever developed.

Because it has fewer moving parts, there is very little to wear out. In fact, over time this compressor actually "wears in†and becomes more efficient. Scroll Details

Two-Stage Cooling Function means that your system will spend about 80% of the time operating in low-speed cooling, The system will operate for longer periods in a super efficient mode resulting in lower operating noise, better humidity control, and less variation in temperature throughout your home.

And, because of the flexible capacities offered by two-stage compressors it's like having two systems in one - During the very highest demand times, your system will operate at full capacity for maximum cooling and heating output.

During the rest of the season, your system will operate at reduced capacity for maximum energy savings and humidity control.

It all adds up to the lowest possible energy costs and comfort like you've never experienced before.

* Note - Due to the use of the very latest technology, your installer needs to be trained in and fully understand the necessary procedures required for the startup and installation of this equipment.

Energy Efficiency Is The Key To Reduced Energy Costs

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER, is the measurement of a heat pump air conditioner's cooling energy efficiency. This rating system was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy to allow comparison between various models.

The higest the SEER the greater the savings


The newest DSZ series Goodman air conditioner exceeds the federal 13 seer minimum by 38%, ensuring maximum energy savings. And the higher the SEER number, the greater the efficiency and the lower your operating costs will be.

HSPF provides an efficiency rating for the heating capacity of a heat pump. HSPF stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. This is a comparison of the heating efficiency and with ratings of up to 9.75, the Goodman DSZ series heat pump systems far exceed the federal minimum. ;

The DSZ series 18 seer Goodman air conditioning system can lower your energy costs by 60% or more when compared to an 8 seer/5.6 HSPF system.

R-410a Refrigerant - Earth Friendly

Your new Goodman 18 SEER central heat pump system is not only easy on your wallet, but is also easy on our environment. Since this refrigerant does not contain Chlorine, it is more environmentally friendly than R-22 refrigerant, the refrigerant currently used in most air conditioning systems.

Introduced as the alternative to R-22, R-410a has helped increase the durability and reliability of air conditioning compressors .

Additional Outstanding Features

  • Industry leading 10 year warranty on all parts
  • The coil is a rifled, refrigeration-grade copper tube and aluminum fin construction for maximum durability and heat transfer.
  • All Goodman air conditioning condensers are designed for ground level or rooftop mounting with bottom pan rails to elevate the unit away from moisture.
  • The maintenance-free 2-speed condenser fan motor is totally enclosed and permanently lubricated. Plus, the built-in filter dryer removes potentially harmful moisture from the system, providing protection from contaminants
  • Goodman doesn't cut corners on the cabinet either – it is constructed from heavy-gauge, zinc-clad G90 galvanized steel and is designed to help prevent damage from yard debris and the elements. The special polyester powder paint finish is "baked-onâ€, providing an extra measure of protection for years of long-lasting good looks. This construction design looks great in any architectural environment.
  • These high-quality components ensure that your new Goodman air conditioning system will comfortably cool your home for years to come.

Standard Features

  • Energy-efficient 2-stage Copeland® compressor
  • Copper tube/aluminum fin coil
  • 2-speed condenser fan motor
  • R410A refrigerant-charged for 15' of refrigerant lines
  • Liquid refrigerant return protection
  • Factory-installed liquid line filter dryer
  • Low-pressure switch
  • High-pressure switch
  • Time-initiated, temperature-terminated defrost control
  • Brass liquid and suction service valves
  • Contactor with lug connection
  • Ground lug connection
  • ARI Certified
  • ETL Certified

Cabinet Features

  • Unique Goodman® Sound Control top design
  • Compressor blanket for quiet operation
  • Steel louver coil guard
  • Heavy-gauge, galvanized-steel cabinet
  • Attractive Architectural Gray powder-paint finish with 500- hour salt-spray

Quiet Operation So You and Your Neighbors Can Rest easy

Goodman Quiet Operation

The last thing you want is to hear a noisy heat pump starting up at night. Goodman understands and builds each unit to ensure that your heat pump won't interfere with a good night's sleep.

Built-in sound deadening features include:

  • An 8-Pole, low speed fan motor reduces fan turbulence
  • A unique 3-blade fan slices cleanly and quietly through the air
  • A specially louvered sound-control top ensures lower operating noise levels
  • A high quality compressor sound-reduction blanket

The result? Quiet and smooth operation that won't disturb you and your family.

Affordable and Efficient Performance

Don't be fooled by the affordable price tag – Goodman is a leader in home heating and cooling systems. In fact, Goodman is the second largest HVAC manufacturer in the world providing the longest and most comprehensive warranty's in the industry.

Every single Goodman heat pump is run-tested before shipment and leak-tested three separate times during the manufacturing process to ensure a trouble-free installation.

Plus, to save costs at installation time the heat pump condenser is pre-charged with R410A refrigerant for up to 15-20 feet of tubing.

The new DSZ series Goodman heat pumps offer affordable, reliable, and quiet operation you can count on year after year.

Copeland Scroll Compressor Details

Once in a while, a new technology is developed that gains widespread acceptance through superior function and design.

The Copeland Scroll Compressor has gained respect and industry-wide acceptance through time-tested field use and not from laboratory theory.

The Copeland Scroll Compressor has proven itself to be the quietest and most dependable ever created.

Here's why:

The Copeland Scroll technology is based on the concept of compliance; two scroll members interact to simultaneously achieve high efficiency and durability.

This efficient twisting motion greatly reduces the numbers of parts that can fail while eliminating the inefficient up and down piston motion of ordinary compressors.

This unique and patented approach. achieving both radial and axial compliance - provides important advantages:

  • Continuous flank contact, maintained by centrifugal force, minimizes gas leakage and maximizes efficiency.
  • Radial compliance allows the scroll members to separate the presence of liquid refrigerant or debris, thereby substantially improving durability and reliability.
  • Axial compliance allows the scroll to remain in continuous contact in all normal operating conditions, ensuring minimal leakage without the use of tip seals.
  • Both radial and axial compliance allow the scroll members to actually wear in rather than wear out.


The Indoor Air Handler

The Goodman variable speed air handler is your ticket to superior heating and cooling performance.

For quiet performance, improved humidity control and greater comfort in both heating and cooling this air handler simply can't be beat.

A variable speed air handler is dramatically different from a standard air handler in that it features the high efficiency Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) by General Electric.

The Variable Speed Advantage

  • Significantly reduced sound levels
  • Eliminates the initial blast of air at each on-cycle
  • Reduces temperature variations from room-to-room and flooring-to-ceiling
  • Substantially increases humidity removal in the cooling mode
  • Provides lower energy costs
  • Enhanced particle removal from air filtration systems

You Won't Believe Your ears

The Goodman variable speed air handler provides whisper-quiet air delivery thanks to the General Electric variable speed DC motor.

By "ramping up†slowly at startup, this motor completely eliminates the harsh "impact†noises created by full speed startup in ordinary air handlers.

This "soft start†significantly reduces fan and motor noise so you can rest easy. You simply can't buy a quieter air handler.

Best of all, this air handler functions automatically - No adjustments or controls to fiddle with. Just set your thermostat and walk away.

The air handler senses the optimum operating parameters while you and your family enjoy the performance that only variable speed technology can provide.

Variable Speed - Why Less is More

TThe ECM Motor enhances performance because full air delivery is only needed a small portion of the time. During lower demand times this motor reduces its speed, providing up to 4 times better humidity control, better air distribution throughout your home, and greatly reduced operating costs.

Better air distribution will provide a marked improvement in those areas of your home where air delivery has been a problem, such as the rooms farthest from the air handler.

Another important feature of the Goodman variable speed air handler is the reduction of what is referred to as "cold blow," or the cold blast of air upon heating startup.

"Cold blow" results from cold air that develops in the duct system while the heat is in an off-cycle. When the air handler heater fan cycles on, this cold air is moved very quickly into your home resulting in an uncomfortable draft.

This Goodman variable speed air handler virtually eliminates cold blow with a "soft start," or a gradual increase in fan speed over the initial 3 to 4 minutes of the on-cycle.

This cold air is combined with preheated air from the air handler blower and is delivered at a slower velocity until it reaches full operating temperature.

The result?

Improved heating comfort and a dramatic reduction of the uncomfortable drafts associated with non-variable speed air handlers.

Save Money Gain Performance

The included Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) for your new heat pump system will result in superior performance across a wide range of operating conditions, as well as energy and cost savings.

A TXV meters the flow of refrigerant to the indoor evaporator coil of your air conditioning system. Much as our eyes automatically adjust to varying light conditions, a TXV automatically adjusts to changing cooling requirements.

When conditions call for maximum cooling, the TXV increases the flow of refrigerant to the indoor coil.

When the cooling demand is lower, the TXV automatically restricts the flow of refrigerant, increasing the system efficiency and reducing energy costs.

A TXV can help your system adjust and respond to continuously changing cooling requirements, providing superior comfort levels and saving you money.

Standard variable speed air handler features include a fully insulated cabinet for quiet operation, an adjustable multi-speed motor, copper tube and aluminum fin coils, and a transformer and blower time delay for maximum efficiency.

This variable speed air handler also includes a supplemental heating element up to 15KW for increased heating capacity.

Flexible installation Design

The Goodman variable speed air handler is versatile and can be installed as an upflow (ductwork above the air handler), downflow (ductwork under the air handler), and horizontally (air handler in an attic, crawlspace, or basement).

If you are capable, you can do most of the installation yourself and then set up a service call for a professional to come and open the refrigeration system and check the charge.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully insulated cabinet - Provides quieter operation
  • High efficiency, variable speed ECM motor by General Electric - Better dehumidification, better air distribution and quieter operation
  • Built-in evaporator coil with horizontal and vertical thermoplastic drain pans - Allows multi position installation
  • Blower operation designed for soft start and stop - More efficient operation eliminating cold blast of air on heating startup
  • Simple and uncomplicated design and application - Requires no special controls or installation procedures
  • Sequentially controlled heaters - Greater efficiency and better temperature control
  • 16 field selectable air flow settings - Can be adjusted to optimize system air delivery for each individual mode of operation
  • Power supply entry at top - Ease of installation
  • Rust resistant nickel chromium heating elements - Increased durability and longer life





  1. Limited LIFETIME!
  2. 10 years

*Labor is not covered under the terms of the manufacturer's warranty
* This unit is not approved for use in mobile homes

Under the terms of all manufacturer's warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked and started up and signed-off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that the installation is permitted (where required) and conforms with local and state codes. Electrical connections should always be made by a licensed electrical contractor.

The Goodman Corporation

Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. ("Goodman") produces a complete line of residential and commercial air conditioning and heating equipment at its three modern, high technology factories, totaling over 1,200,000 square feet in Houston, Texas, Dayton and Fayetteville, Tennessee.

Goodman's equipment is sold through a worldwide network of independent distributors and installers who are dedicated to uphold the company's high standards of quality. In fact, Goodman is the second largest manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment in the world.

The Goodman philosophy: Be the highest quality, lowest cost producer of heating and air conditioning equipment in the world.

Is it successful? Goodman's share of the market has grown faster than any other major manufacturer. Goodman's Quality and Value speaks for itself.

Goodman has been very successful at increasing its presence in the mature HVAC industry, due primarily to the following philosophies:

  • High quality at a low cost equals value
  • Maintain low overhead
  • Invest money normally spent on advertising and promotions in research and development, which translates to high quality at a low cost for the consumer
  • Create products that are engineered for reliable long life, utilizing the best components with some of the lowest failure rates in the industry
  • Offer one of the best warranties in the industry

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