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Mitsubishi Simple MA Remote Controller

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Mitsubishi Simple MA Remote Controller

SKU: SKU5276

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Model #: PAC-YT53CRAU-J



(1) Mitsubishi Simple MA Remote Controller

Model #:



2-3/4" W x 9/16" D x 4-3/4" H

  • Controls group operation for up to 16 indoor units in a single group
  • Supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • User defined functions:
  • ON/OFF
  • Operation mode: AUTO (R2-Series only), COOL, HEAT, FAN, DRYING, or SETBACK
  • Set temperature
  • Fan speed setting
  • Air flow direction
  • Set temperature range: 40°F - 95°F depending on operation mode and indoor unit connected.
  • Set temperature range limit: Simple MA allowable set temperature range can be reduced for cool and heat modes.
  • LOSSNAY: Simple MA for interlocked system can set high/low/Stop on LOSSNAY.
  • Room temperature can be sensed either at the indoor unit (default) or at the remote controller.
  • Diagnostics: Displays four-digit error code and error unit address.
  • Grouping: Same group use only with other PAC-YT53CRAU
  • SSimple MA Controllers, PAR-21MAAU Deluxe MA Remote
  • SControllers, and PAR-FL/A32MA Wireless MA Remote
  • Controllers with up to two remote controllers per group.
  • Addressing: No addressing required.
  • Wiring: Uses two-wire, stranded, non-polar control wire for connecting TB15 connection terminal on the indoor unit. Requires crossover wiring for grouping across indoor units.

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