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Thermal Expansion Valve 1.5 - 3.0 Ton

SKU: SKU1111

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TXV Thermal Expansion Valve


Thermal Expansion Valve 1.5 - 3.0 Ton

Under the terms of all manufacturer's warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked, started up and signed-off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Failure to comply with this provision will void all factory warranties. Keep a copy of the installation ticket for your records. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that a permit is obtained (where required). Always conform with applicable local and state codes. Electrical connections should only be made by a licensed electrical contractor. Unqualified persons should never attempt installation of this or any HVAC system.

Thermal Expansion Valve
Choosing a Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV) for your new air conditioning system will result in superior performance across a wide range of operating conditions, as well as energy and cost savings. A TXV meters the flow of refrigerant to the indoor evaporator coil of your air conditioning system.

Much as our eyes automatically adjust to varying light conditions, a TXV automatically adjusts to changing cooling requirements. When conditions call for maximum cooling, the TXV increases the flow of refrigerant to the indoor coil. When the cooling demand is lower, the TXV automatically restricts the flow of refrigerant, increasing the system efficiency and reducing energy costs.

A TXV can help your system adjust and respond to continuously changing cooling requirements, providing superior comfort levels and saving you money.

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