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Air Filtration Options

Allergen Filtration

It's a fact that surprises many people. The air quality inside your home is often worse than the air quality outside. We offer cooling and heating system air filtration options that use a sophisticated multi-part filter system to remove contaminants such as allergens, viruses, and bacteria from the air as they circulate within a room. Or, choose from highly effective media air cleaners that help remove particles from the air measuring just 1/24,000 of an inch. These media filters start at just $139 and help to trap dust, pollens, mites, and other particles that plague allergy sufferers. As a result you enjoy pristine air 24/7.


Generalaire media filter

The GENERALAire Media Filter is designed for use in a centrally ducted forced air system. This filter will permanently install directly beneath your indoor air handler or furnace within the return air stream. The pleated Opti-Fiber Media filter efficiently traps particles as small as 1 micron (1/24,000th of an inch in diameter) so cleaned air is recirculated into the environment.

Aprilaire filter

The Aprilaire 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner traps particles entering the air cleaner through an intensified electric field that are then collected on special grounded micro-fiber media. The leading consumer advocacy group has stated that it is the most efficient whole house air cleaner they have ever tested, two years in a row.

Startech UV

The Startech Zebra-14 UV Light is our "Best Buy" option when it comes to killing molds, bacteria, viruses and germs in your central air conditioner. This flexible and inexpensive system mounts easily and can connect to a low voltage transformer or simply be plugged in.

Bluetube UV

Blue Tube UV (model TUV-BTER) is designed as a simple way to prevent the growth of molds, bacteria, viruses, and slime in your air conditioner. In the Bluetube UV unique package is everything you need. The unit mounts magnetically! Just connect to the low voltage transformer and install the UV light where needed.

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