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Mobile Home Selection & Pricing

Mobile Home Selection & Pricing

  • Mobile Home Gas / Electric Furnaces

    Mobile Home Electric Furnaces

    We offer the full line of furnaces including the mobile home gas and electric furnace models. Our mobile home gas furnace is offered in both 80% and 95% efficiencies.

  • Self Contained Package Units

    Mobile Home Air Conditoning Units (Self Contained Package Units)

    Choose from Ruud, Rheem, and Goodman packaged mobile home air conditioning systems or heat pumps. A package unit is self contained in one easy-to-install outdoor unit. These mobile home air conditioning units are available as cooling only, or choose either electric heat or a heat pump for the most complete selection available in mobile home heating and cooling systems.

  • Mobile Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

    Mobile Home Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Systems (Split Type)

    These systems offer maximum flexibility for mobile home heating and air conditioning. A split system has an outdoor air conditioning unit and either a gas or electric indoor furnace. Coleman is the most popular brand in the mobile home heating and air conditioning market and has what it takes to make your home comfortable.

  • Add Air Conditioning to your Existing Mobile Home (Trailer) Furnace

    Add Air Conditioning to your Existing Mobile Home (Trailer) Furnace

    If you have an existing mobile home gas or electric (trailer) furnace you can add an air conditioning unit outside and a cooling coil that will fit within your existing furnace. This add-on Coleman mobile cooling system is compatible with the following trailer furnace brands, depending on age: Coleman, Evcon, Vexar, Red T, Mortex, Nordyne, Intertherm, and Miller brands.

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