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Air Filtration Selection & Pricing

  • AprilAire 5000 $1056.00

    The Aprilaire 5000 Electronic Air Cleaner traps particles entering the air cleaner through an intensified electric field that are then collected on special grounded micro-fiber media. The leading consumer advocacy group has stated that it is the most efficient whole house air cleaner they have ever tested, two years in a row.

  • GENERALAire Media Filter $143.00

    The GENERALAire Media Filter is designed for use in a centrally ducted forced air system. This filter will permanently install directly beneath your indoor air handler or furnace within the return air stream. The pleated Opti-Fiber Media filter efficiently traps particles as small as 1 micron (1/24,000th of an inch in diameter) so cleaned air is recirculated into the environment.

  • Blue TV UV

    Blue-Tube UV $236.00

    Blue Tube UV (model TUV-BTER) is designed as a simple way to prevent the growth of molds, bacteria, viruses, and slime in your air conditioner. In the Bluetube UV unique package is everything you need. The unit mounts magnetically! Just connect to the low voltage transformer and install the UV light where needed.

  • Blue-Tube UV Upgrade

    Blue-Tube UV Upgrade $295.00

    The most common upgrade to our Blue Tube UV is the TUV-BTER2-OS. By adding the Odor Santizing feature and upgrading to the Maxlife 2 yr. bulb you get the maximum bang for your buck. Twice the bulb life and additional OST odor control make this package our best value. More

  • Fresh-Aire UV AHU Mount

    Fresh-Aire UV AHU Mount $514.00

    The FreshAire UV Air Handler (AHU) Mount Kit # TUV-100D-I is our most versatile two bulb residential and light commercial UV product. Included are (2), one-year bulbs and our Lifetime Waterproof Ballast all remote mounted. This product gives you ultimate bulb/ballast placement options with maximun UV power for those 4 and 5 ton systems with lots of air flow or those older systems requiring extra sterilizing power.

  • Fresh-Aire UV AHU Mount Upgrade

    Fresh-Aire UV AHU Mount Upgrade $678.00

    This is our most popular upgrade for our 2 bulb system. The FreshAire UV Air Handler (AHU) Mount Kit # TUV-200DDIP-Z adds several nice options to our standard kit. First of all we upgrade you to 2 each, two year bulbs for twice the run time longevity before replacement, secondly we add a 110 Volt plug, which is removed for 110V, 220V or 260V hardwire applications, lastly we add two magnetic mounts enabling the easiest mounting for the 2, two year lamps.

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