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Hybrid Heat Pump Dual Fuel HVAC System Prices

Dual fuel heat pump systems (also known as a hybrid heat pump) are a heat pump system that uses a fossil fuel (gas furnace) as the backup heat source instead of using a less efficient electric heating element as the backup heat source.

Dual fuel systems are popular in colder climates where a heat pump is not as effective when using an electric heat strip as the backup heat source. Learn more about heat pumps and the hybrid options in our article. Choose from 1.5 ton – 5 ton sizing options and efficiency ratings between 14-18 SEER.

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A hybrid heat pump, or dual fuel heat pump, is a unique spin on a traditional all-electric heat pump system. A dual fuel system is appropriately named as it uses both an electric heat pump and a fossil fuel gas furnace (natural or propane gas) much like a hybrid automobile uses gasoline and electric.

Heat pumps have become tremendously popular all across the US as well as the world, with one primary limitation; an all-electric heat pump struggles in colder climates to produce enough heat to maintain a comfortable indoor heating temperature.

A dual fuel hybrid heat pump is the solution to this nagging problem. When the heat pump struggles in colder temperatures, the backup heat source is the fossil fuel furnace instead of the limited-capacity electric heating element.

The end result is the heat pump and the furnace join forces to easily maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the winter months. In the milder times, the heat pump will very efficiently heat your home while the furnace provides the backup source during the colder periods.

The first step in choosing a new dual fuel heat pump system is to properly size the heat pump for the cooling capacity your home needs. The next step is to choose the furnace capacity you’ll require to maintain you wintertime comfort needs.

If you live in a colder climate, you may want to consider a 96% 2 stage high efficiency furnace for the most efficient backup heating option.

This is important because in colder climates the furnace will experience high demand and operating time, so keeping the furnace fuel consumption as low as possible will pay big rewards in terms of energy savings over the life of the system.

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