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Electric Furnaces for Sale – Prices Include Free Shipping for Direct Comfort and Goodman Electric Furnaces

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The electric furnaces for sale here may be small, lightweight, and inexpensive but they are performance powerhouses you can rely on. They have many fewer moving parts to go wrong than traditional gas furnaces so you can count on them even on the most bitter winter nights.

You’ll notice the 2 brands offered, Goodman electric furnaces and Direct Comfort. Goodman owns and manufactures the Direct Comfort brand as their exclusive online-only brand.

Goodman electric furnace logo graphic
Direct Comfort electric furnace logo graphic

Goodman offers Direct Comfort only online and the Direct Comfort brand is less expensive than Goodman even though the manufacturing process and warranty is identical.

We believe Direct Comfort is a very smart decision for buyers shopping for true wholesale electric furnace prices online. If you prefer the well-known and established Goodman brand, you can rest easy knowing the quality and reliability is without question.

Need help sizing your electric furnace?

Here are some other furnace and/or central air options you may be interested in:

Goodman Electric Furnace

Direct Comfort Electric Furnace

An Electric Furnace is Well-Suited for use with your Forced Air Central AC System

These versatile electric furnaces are ready to accommodate your central air conditioning needs as well. Just add an optional indoor cooling coil right to your electric furnace as well as the outdoor condenser (straight cool or a heat pump) and you are all set for many years of reliable operation.

An electric furnace is best in milder winter climates (Florida Texas, etc.) as a gas furnace will cost less to operate and will heat better in colder winter climates. If you want to go with an all-electric heating and cooling system, but live in a colder climate, then a heat pump is your best bet.

When choosing your electric furnace you will see the following options:

  • 1200 CFM
  • 1600 CFM
  • 2000 CFM

A 1200 CFM blower will accommodate 1.5 tons to 3 tons of airflow.

A 1600 CFM blower will accommodate 3.5 tons or 4 tons of airflow.

A 2000 CFM blower will accommodate 4 or 5 tons of airflow.

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute.

This is helpful to know if you are adding air conditioning to your new electric furnace as you need an airflow equivalent of 400 CFM for each ton of cooling you will be adding.

If you are using a 4 ton air conditioning system then you need 400 CFM X 4 (tons) =1600 CFM, so you’ll need an electric furnace that can accommodate at least 1600 CFM of airflow for your 4 ton AC system.

As you can see in the CFM list just above, you would want to buy either a 1600 or 2000 CFM electric furnace for your 4 ton AC system.

Learn more about sizing your electric furnace here

These Forced Air Electric Furnaces all Feature Variable Speed Blowers

Another advantage of these latest technology electric furnaces is the variable speed blower they all feature. These blowers provide powerful, enhanced air delivery throughout your home. Plus, if you are using one of these variable speed electric furnaces with your air conditioning system you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Up to 4 times the humidity removal. A variable speed blower provides much greater comfort when the moisture levels in your home are greatly reduced.
  2. Improved airflow to the rooms in your home that are difficult to heat and/or cool.
  3. Reduced energy costs as the variable speed blowers in these electric furnaces provide significant energy savings year-round.
  4. Quieter operation. The electric furnace produces much lower noise levels when using a variable speed blower.

If you have questions or just need assistance, call and speak to one of our professional, friendly and knowledgeable furnace experts:

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