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Two stage - Why less is more

Two stage - Why less is more

A two-stage furnace gas valve feature is like having two furnaces in one. When the weather is at its coldest, the furnace operates at 100% capacity in the high-stage mode. But most of the time the furnace operates at just 70% of its rated capacity in the low-stage mode, conserving energy . The two-stage gas valve runs quietly on low stage 90% of the time, producing just 25% of the normal high-fire sound while significantly reducing energy consumption.

A two-stage gas furnace saves energy and keeps your home at just the right temperature. On most days a two-stage furnace operates in its energy saving low-heat stage, delivering steady and gentle heating comfort. On the coldest days, when you need more heat, the furnace automatically switches to the “high-heat” stage to deliver maximum heating comfort. With two stages of heating, the temperature of your home stays at the comfort level you select – regardless of the outdoor conditions.

An integrated control board directs the function of the two-stage gas valve and furnace blower, efficiently maintaining the temperature of your home at the desired level. The two-stage gas valve automatically controls the flow of gas to the burner, providing “low heat” and “high heat” as needed for maximum energy efficiency.

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