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How is the Mitsubishi Commercial P series different?

How is the Commercial P series different?

The Mitsubishi P Series commercial heating and cooling systems are different from competitive systems in that they are designed for dedicated commercial and industrial applications. Here is a list of the features that make them different from residential lines:

Installation, Service, and Maintenance Ease

Mitsubishi P-series commercial outdoor units are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind. Maintenance points are located behind easy-access panels to make installation and service effortless for a trained technician. Four-way piping access allows connections in four directions: front, rear, right and bottom (all PUY/PUZ models)

Redi-charged Systems

Mitsubishi commercial P-series outdoor units come with enough refrigerant to be installed 70 feet (100 feet on 3.5 ton models) from the indoor units. Linesets can be run up to 165 feet from outdoor units when additional charge is added.

Hot-Start System

Heat pump systems use hot-start technology to provide warmth from the beginning by ramping up fan speed as the coil warms. When you want warm air without annoying drafts, that's what you'll get.

Low Ambient Operation

The ability of these units to operate effectively in low temperatures, along with the addition of a low-ambient wind baffle accessory, allows for a space to be air conditioned even when it is as low as 0 degrees F outside. This cooling ability is important when dealing with electronic equipment rooms, telecom substations, surveillance mechanical rooms, restaurant kitchens, fitness centers and more.

Auto Fan Speed Feature
(Excludes PEA model)

Choose from multiple set fan speeds or auto fan speed to ensure faster achievement of room temperature. Auto fan speed mode allows the fan to adjust its speed based on the degree of differential between set-point and room temperature.

Bring in Outside Air

Ducting can be installed with minimal on-site work to bring in outside air for all but wall mounted indoor units, creating a healthier indoor environment.

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