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4 Ton AC Unit – Outdoor Condensing Unit

Here are the best price options for your 4 ton AC unit, also known as the outdoor condenser. The 4 ton AC units for sale here are designed to replace the outdoor unit of an existing system when you are leaving your existing indoor furnace or air handler in place.

You can view the cost of (cooling only) straight cool or heat pump outdoor condensing units from 13 seer to 18 seer for your home or office.

If you have an existing split system in place and want to replace just the outdoor AC unit, you’re in the right place.

Are you looking for a complete split system including an indoor furnace or air handler? See the various options:


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AC Unit Sizing Tips

A 4 ton unit will typically cool between 2000 square feet and 2400 square feet. See our free system sizing calculator for sizing assistance. Many people will tell you to figure about 500-600 square feet of living space for each ton of cooling.

Do NOT rely solely on this general range as HVAC contractors rely on more detailed sources of sizing information.

Your home’s construction features (square footage, insulation, window quality, and much more) are the determining factors when properly sizing your air conditioning and heating system.

A properly sized AC unit leads to extended equipment life and greatly improved comfort

4 ton AC unit for sale– image of a happy family

An oversized air conditioner will cool the home too rapidly and “short-cycle”. Short-cycling occurs when the system cycles on and off too frequently. A system that is too large for your home will over-cool so quickly that it will cycle on and off much quicker than intended.

(Such as installing a 5 ton AC system when a 4 ton would have been optimum.)

This frequent cycling negatively impacts the life of the equipment and prevents the proper level of humidity removal from your home. Plus, it will drive up the cost of your monthly utilities.

Your best way to ensure proper sizing is to get a local HVAC contractor to visit your home and assist with the sizing of your system.


Goodman logo - 4 ton AC unit

Goodman is the most popular and number 1 selling manufacturer of air conditioning and heating systems in the world. They are known for their solid dependability and value-oriented pricing. They understand the need to stock replacement parts and keep them on-hand at facilities across the nation in each market. Parts are readily available whenever they are needed.

Goodman and AC Direct have worked together for over 2 decades and maintain a solid relationship. We trust this relationship and particularly appreciate their drive to help us provide the highest levels of service and lowest price to our customers available anywhere.

They have supported our online business model by offering very competitive prices to AC Direct, while providing excellent value in terms of superior equipment lifespan, reliability, and dealer factory support.

Direct Comfort

Direct Comfort logo - 4 ton AC unit

Direct Comfort, owned and manufactured by Goodman, is manufactured and assembled right here in the United States. Direct Comfort products are known for providing reliable year-round comfort.

Direct Comfort is unique in that they are not sold through local HVAC dealers. Instead, they are sold exclusively online, through a network of third party independent internet resellers such as AC Direct.

AC Direct is dedicated to providing homeowners the information they need when researching online for the best overall value for their home comfort needs.

If you are a homeowner or business owner researching your next 4 ton AC unit or complete system, you can now buy online in full confidence knowing that AC Direct, as a leader in this network, is dedicated to uphold an elevated set of standards in everything it takes to support your Direct Comfort HVAC equipment purchase.

So by choosing AC Direct and Direct Comfort, you can rest easy knowing you have made a wise decision by choosing a high-quality product delivered to you by the oldest online HVAC supplier in the nation, since 2001.


Rheem logo - 4 ton AC unit

Rheem was founded in 1925 by the Rheem brothers, Richard and Donald in Emeryville CA. Rheem is headquartered in Atlanta GA and is one of the largest manufacturers of heating and cooling systems as well as water heating solutions in the US.

Award-Winning Innovations

From industry-leading technologies and energy efficiency leadership, Rheem has been a leader in developing some of the most innovative advancements in heating, cooling and water heating.

With a long list of award-winning solutions, Rheem continues providing advanced comfort, cost savings and experiences for their customers—just as they’ve done for almost 100 years.

Since 2007, Rheem has been an active sponsor in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series and Xfinity Series through their Rheem, RUUD, and affiliated water heater brands.

AC Direct has had a birds-eye view of Rheem’s commitment to quality and innovation for almost 20 years. We look forward to continuing our journey together by offering the latest advancements in heating and cooling directly to our customers in partnership with Rheem manufacturing.

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