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The Copeland Scroll Story

Once in a while, a new technology is developed that gains widespread acceptance through superior function and design. The Copeland Scroll Compressor has gained respect and industry-wide acceptance through time-tested field use and not from laboratory theory. The Copeland Scroll Compressor has proven itself to be the quietest and most dependable ever created. Here's why:

The Copeland Scroll technology is based on the concept of compliance. Two scroll members interact to simultaneously achieve high efficiency and durability. This efficient "twisting" motion greatly reduces the numbers of parts that can fail while eliminating the inefficient up and down piston motion of ordinary compressors. This unique and patented approach - achieving both radial and axial compliance - provides important advantages:

  • Continuous flank contact, maintained by centrifugal force, minimizes gas leakage and maximizes efficiency.
  • Radial compliance allows the scroll members to separate the presence of liquid refrigerant or debris, thereby substantially improving durability and reliability.
  • Axial compliance allows the scroll to remain in continuous contact in all normal operating conditions, ensuring minimal leakage without the use of tip seals.
  • Both radial and axial compliance allow the scroll members to actually "wear in" rather than wear out.


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