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Brand Selection

Choosing a heating and air conditioning brand can be confusing, but a little information goes a long way in making the right choice. Not all brands are right for every person, every time. Price, configuration, and capabilities must factor into the decision. We polled our personal advisors and warranty fulfillment techs and came up with some facts (and opinions) about the various brands we carry that may help you decide:


Ships from: Southeast and Mid West

In business since: 1950's

Quality: Excellent

Limitations: Pricey in some categories but many heat pump models offer excellent value

Warranty Fulfillment: Average

Pricing points: Mid to upper end

Value: Very good

Name recognition: Well known

Availability: Very good 


Ships from: Southeast

In business since: 1984

Warranty Fulfillment: Good

Pricing points: Very Affordable

Value: Excellent 

Name recognition: Well known

Availability: Very good

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